Deadmalls and Nightfalls

by Frontier Ruckus



the 2nd full-length studio album by Frontier Ruckus

all songs by Matthew Milia

Ramseur Records


released July 20, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: Nerves of the Nightmind
All the vegetation in the settled world is stirring

I’m blurring into sun-burnt and heartbroken worrying

About how the day took such a long time to die

When it was reeking of women I once had on my side
But now that I’ve found another smell to believe in

I’m buzzing like hell just to hope I can breathe it

And resurrect the simplistic calm in some eyes

That are trying to find you or
 bury your nightmind

And it will take

Oh your tongue and the twilight marina

When so young and brave and still dreaming

Getting to know you lash by dark lash

The rooms where you sleep in

The floors where you crash

And gas-stations are pleasantly blowing

Thunder rolls for dresses you’re wearing

On a body so unknowing

Of what that blowing’s for or preparing

And patience is never affording
When prettiness and sweetness are pouring

Out from you and

Onto me and
Dampness of sweat is the sweetest recording

And you can lay with your head on my body

The worlds of the night and disease try to rob me
All the vegetation in the settled world is stirring

But stillness and calmness are all that I’m hearing 

And it will take 
Track Name: Ontario
I held three strands

But I lost one

Dark as the lands

Surrounding Boston

On the train that backscratched the windows

The backs of the houses, pulsing the rain glows

That sick man so shiny in his slump

Doubled over like a water pump

He was dribbling out from his nostrils

Onto his ankles leaking like Aprils

Yeah the thaw had already begun

We could hear the earshot from your cabin

In the holy boldness your cheeks purpled and pinked

There in the coldness with some sort of instinct

Oh the fluency, me with my hands cupped

Catching currency that you made it erupt

The quiet of spilling right after the stilling

Why it was chilling our hot window-silling

I see your stature when breathing and turning

Smoking the black blur as if something’s burning

Remember the gray-slate coming of some thrill

The low sky of too-late up on Bunker Hill

And the whirling eddies sprayed off the semi’s tail

The curling snow-traps of your hair

Feeling warm inside the swarms of hail

The foreign planet of some diner we found there
So my brother and I saddle up some horse

And watch the snow thinning with the thawing

Another will die, rattle me so coarse

Will it leave me grinning or awing?
In Ontario
Track Name: Springterror
Look at all the steam off the snow

We listen to the Top 40 country radio blow

Listen to the singer, trying to put my finger on who killed who

When it does linger, the sweet nostril-stinger of the spring’s mildew

Was it your will to take his pill orally?

Or did you act perfunctorily?

The lamp-shadow dampness

The safe world of campus

The water of your high school eyes

Some stadium

Some old college tries

There in my stomach the liquor heated

With every place I ever trick-or-treated and

We used to message through the ink of night

With skin still young and pink and tight

Back when the tongue thrust with all of our young lust

The dimple-chin brunettes who make simpleton pets of me

And yes I’m a heel, but with Peter’s keel

I will cut through the lily-pads

The moping mothers and hillbilly dads

And the billboard dentist from White Lake to East Lansing

With his day-glo halo sentence entrancing

The moon makes lake-water out to be a filmy skin

But who can begin to tell what skin holds far within

Oh the bathers

Oh the toweling

Your cells are saviors that ring wet bells growling and

You have the black eyes

Just holes filled with night skies

A saddening sweetness through your kid-sister-sighs

Where the Sylvan Lake corner is flickering with childhood

And the mourner within me feels older than wildwood

And if I knew what part of me was wax

I would try to truncate it with a black sopping night axe
Track Name: Ringbearer
So look across at St. Hugo

Don’t they say wherever you go

He will follow?

So my dumpster fellow

Let out a bellow

In my name

When my father sleeps the house has lungs

You have heard those songs he’s sung

But sometimes

He wakes up with a start

I hear a confused cry come straight from his heart

And it’s sad

Oh your once-sweet teenage face

Episodically erased

You were perfect

In the safe sitcom vacuum

Ten seasons have been your doom

Oh the springterror

Be my ringbearer

Oh the spring-rot

The sweet-rank taste that I’ve got

When all’s forgiven
Track Name: Silverfishes
A bright-night-kitchen moth and the washcloth that I use
For the refuse
That is littering all of your clues
Orion is dead and gone but something in it still
Belongs to me
The bright night I see
High hot-time all the braggarts drag
Their boats down to the water
She dragged down to drown each and every
Brown rag I bought her
The silverfish they ditch their skins as
The Saturday air raid begins
Pitching exoskeletons
Revolting in their molting
Don't you know I'm just like that?
You can tell where I've been at
On every doormat I have sat
A relic so angelic
Oh the once hard-biting night
Now ruthlessly a toothless sight to see

A shot down Telegraph with a hot laugh as we cruise
Through the sinews
Connecting all of your clues
The blinds they clap for the
The napping overheated tangles
Daytime may climb high until the dusk sucks out
All that it mangles
Melting with the blacktop moms
On a bed of palms and psalms
Immersed in the universe
Of off-ramp proms and sitcoms
Sylvan Lake and in between
Perpetually like Halloween
I saw you
In the dormitory with the warming glory
Of the harvest
The pilings of the night are whiling out
Where their forms are the largest

Feeling about half as vicious
As all the silverfishes crawl
If I truly am a coward
Memory-fueled and fear-powered
I'll be damned
But if I were
That gorgeous blur
I'd be

A bright-night-kitchen moth and the washcloth that I use
For the refuse
That is littering all of your clues
Tripped up on the alley-weed
Through which I elbowed and kneed
The bottle of my beer emptied
And I was warm and fluid
The body is a bottle, I guess
That I would like to throttle, yes
Mottled skin and spilling sin
And a holiness so stupid
The heaven that I long to see
The undone linearity
I've proven
Is all the love I've tried to show
Buried where those buildings glow
And ruined?
Track Name: The Upper Room
Bad insulation forms
The sad creation of
One-heavy-eight-foot-long icicle
And there unridden sleeps
The frost-bitten frame of
Our sunken-in tandem bicycle
With an endless art for recycling breakfast
And an after-school comfort
Two costume earrings and
One matching necklace
And two black eyes
Two soiled halves of
One folded mattress
An island on ice
Nice and pliable
There on the floor
There are two bodies tangled
By the price of
Becoming unpryable
But they're liable to be

Kicking around a small blow-up globe
Of the world that is see-through and
Still holding breath from your last abode
Where we filled it with air
The thick-carpet-world where the
Streetlamps explode
In the spring
At the dawn
With the smiling tears
Breaking the night as the morning flowed
Through my slight overbite
And your dialing ears
Piling the ways

The planks and the rails of the L lifted up and
Like a balcony
And the city's light returns with its kills and it
Fills up my eyes
With its
And I felt very bad you know
'Cause you'd never been to Chicago
And you'd been bugging me
And then you turn and you see me go
To Chicago with some
Other company
It's gonna be the way

But our upper room was so insulated that
No holy fire coulda smoked us out
Touching the wounds my fingers penetrated
And they brushed and they hushed and they
Poked about
Three bobby pins on one bedside table
While three soft lamps often blasted out
On two shut-ins in one bulging cradle
Inflated within while there without
A wilderness did grow

So blow up a room and Saran-wrap the windows
In the winter
To make sure
It never leaks
Become entombed in each other's shadows
That rattle and shift
With the wall and weeks
Two slanted ceilings and
Twelve suffocations
Waiting on hot tongues
But it rarely speaks
Despite one white candle
And night invocations
Bones and a bed frame
That moans and creeks
I see two parents in one sleeping visage
Beneath two soft tufts of swerving brows
Did you sense the burning?
Well that was my message
A marking to come build a room somehow
A burning breathing room
Track Name: Does Me In
Oh, the storms come like a sickness, don't they?
Blacking out the ceiling of the seaway
Mary-Lynn you should begin to blow home
Blow along the ditches of the freeway

When my body's buzzing like a midway
Mary-Lynn, oh, how thinly it stays
When my body's breaking by the midday
And the touching-towns stretch to the bounds of my body
And all the mounds out from the ground are bulging hotly
Then I know it won't be long before it finally
Does me in
For good

As we take a ferry to an island
Where all the deafening gusts look very silent
We're every blackberry in the clearing pickin'
Who knew my slow heart could ever quicken?

When your body's steaming from the doorway
Mary-Lynn, I have sinned in more ways
Than I could ever tell you with a straight face
But it gets so hot before the chill comes
So much will rot in its welcoming
Sweltering yard
And oh, I know it won't be long before it finally
Does me in
For good

Yeah, the storms have formed some sickness increased
Blacking out the thawing memory at least
Mary-Lynn you should begin to blow home
Nodding off, the bell rings some, the kingdom we did find
The ever-growing holiness we blinded and then put behind
Bouncing with the night-boughs that are heavy with their kind
Rushing with the snow-melt gushing earshot of what's on my mind

It's a love too large to use
Too large not to lose or abuse

And you know how it
Does me in
Track Name: The Tower
I hope that this summer
Sweats through all my clothes so I can taste
Some sort of second-comer
Who'll blow the lilac-breath into my face

Now I know I've had three wives
The first was your ghost, the other was mine
The last comes when the day dies and then
Outside the trinity just cries

Frightened by the tower
Spiraled with the wild windy night
I only have one father and
I, his only child, fear is my birthright

And who has a redeemer
Towering above the summertime?
When sweat will make you cleaner
And spit is all I want instead of wine

We cannot stay broken
Or darken violently with summer storm
We will climb the tower
And in the burning morning be reborn
Track Name: Pontiac, the Nightbrink
The nightfall's like a house of mirrors
The shuttered deadmall and the Sears
Where my mother worked for years
In the nineties

The drugstore dried out parking lots
A fluorescent crest of snow still rots
Piling in the handicap spot's
Blind-freeze there

The touching-towns have special wants
M-59 and the salad-bar-restaurants
Something in it always taunts my

When I'm smoking goddamn Pontiac
And the hidden end of the Amtrak
Woodward and the good word crack and the
Exhaust fills the air

A cul-de-sac
Has sweetly softened
The coughing memory
Dulled and black
Far too often
Black ice on the greenery

And all the women
Sap me with their sadness
And now I'm sad too

But Pontiac's not
The heart of darkness
But freezing on the brink
Where I am at
Some fading starkness
Where the brains of darkness think

The firmly-fixtured-fast-food-beacons
Do not dangle, do not weaken
Neither does the heart I'm seekin'
In you

Mary-Lynn you wouldn't know
But you do too have holy glow
But how am I supposed to show
You you?

'Cause your voice through those holy nodes
Marked me like the salted roads
Chalky white, the night forebodes
The coming

'Cause your throat throttled northtown boys
From the Rochesters and Troys
They will also hear your noise
Drumming low

The wilderness of floating text
The endless half-conscious of present tense winter sex
Do you see how it connects
In me?

Because they touch in such awful blurs
Their cough is full with all it remembers
Draining the stripmall containers
To find me there

The Silverdome, the Palace
The silt-slush road and all its malice
Sweethearted and waiting for me

Your face flushed like a toilet
Where I could only soil it
To unearth all my worth so futilely

St. Joseph is black-ice-gripped
And all the mailboxes are very tightlipped
With the way they know my name

And all the black ice ever gives
Twenty swerving adjectives
Repeating and cheating in our game

In Pontiac the night falls like a whim
Looking back, the night just seemed to brim
Down the track, dangerous and grim
In the black we all look so dim

And the night has a yellow-gray-glow
It's as though
The whole world's my halo

The grocery story bright light
Aisles of the night
Piling the blackwhite

The whole strip-mall plaza
Wheezing with asthma
On your miasma

The night has a yellow-gray-glow
It's as though
The whole world's my halo
Track Name: How Could I Abandon?
Your kitchen window
Where I would do the dishes
Neck-deep in the wash and drunken
Do your windows still glow
Like the gaping orifices
Of a burning pumpkin?

How could I abandon my only companion?
But I did
The night strikes at random
And I was not plannin'
To dim

Now early Aprils
Fill my nostrils
With the road-kills
Of the skunks
Every spring-girl
Handsome and plural
Are swaying sloppy high-heeled drunks

Now that
I've abandoned my only companion
Yes I see
She halved the burden
Now it's been expandin'
And hurtin' horribly

And it used to be
Early Aprils filled my nostrils
With such possibility
Now the sun's my maker
And forsaker
Undertaker and
I'm guilty
Track Name: I Do Need Saving
Just like the brown bulbs of your eyes
The stars are certainly dead
But something makes them shine
When I hover right above your dark-bed
And I know it’s not me
Illuminating through your face so well-fed
But it brightens the
Parts of all your skin I ever wanted

You are a dark savior
I do need saving
All our hot behavior
Will not deliver me

The lilac-breath
Is hot and still in
The first hours of the evening
And what is left
In my will when
The lilac-breath is leaving?

You are a dark savior
I do need saving
All our hot behavior
Will not deliver me

And what a dangerous drive that was
So young and dark
Jefferson Avenue
I imagined I blew
The spark of a bullet
Into a tree on Belle Isle
While you were steering
Your father’s giant car
I kept hearing
Far, far, far away
Some childish dirge those
Merging semi-trucks would
Track Name: Pour Your Nighteyes
Pour your nighteyes on me
Pour your sorrow
Or your memory

When the yard-fence darkens
I can really see